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ROUND 2 The Geolibrary and Ronni Present An Evening of Storytelling

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Dear All

In my other life (aside from studying here) I am a Public Speaking Coach and work for the Storytelling Centre Amsterdam, using Stories and Storytelling as a method of increasing communication.

The methods we use there are also wonderful for helping people in Academic Communication and I would like to bring that knowledge to the Departments here.

Therefore in conjunction and with the great help of Britta from GeoLibrary, there will be a taster session next week at GeoLibrary (see poster below) given by myself on the subject for the students of INES, GeologiCentrum and LUCSUS. It will be a lighthearted introduction to the field and if there is interest, it will be the precursor to a 5 session course given at GeoLibrary too.

I would be grateful if you could spread this to the different courses in your departments.

Thank you so much!

Ronni & Britta

Ronni Gurwicz - Educator, Coach, Physical Geography & Ecosystem Sciences Student (Lund University, Sweden)

Phone/Whatsapp: (+44) 07481739200

Email: ronnigurwicz [at] gmail [dot] com

Skype: ronnigurwicz

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